5 Signs You Are Ready to Move On After A Breakup

Breaking up with your partner is never easy-whether you have been together for years or only for months. It is not easy to move on after a painful breakup. You may be passing through a feeling of anger, confusion and disappointment.  Your friends and family may be forcing you to get back out there and have a normal life, “Get out there and go on date or enter into a new relationship!” But you are really not sure whether you are ready for a new one.

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It’s understandable; you might be very confused for your status on the right time to move on, as you don’t want to make the same mistakes as you did in the past.  You might have that doubt on yourself for making the right choice or be worried that you won’t’ be able to handle another painful breakup. To help ease your confusion, I came up with 5 signs of the relationship which will help you to understand whether you are ready to move on for new relationship after a breakup or not.

Dealing with Emotions:   Passing through a breakup is an emotional stuff. There are a lot of feelings involved, and you have to deal with all of them. You may feel irritated, angry, sad, or even a mixture of all of these. If in this situation, you can speak of the relationship without feeling angry or being sad about the break up, you are getting ready for the new one.

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The Feeling of Attraction: One sign you’re ready to move on is, if you are getting attracted toward another guy/girl. When you are passing through a break up, you usually do not want to think of any other guy/girl. So when you feel those sparks toward someone is great thing happening. If you are sure that the attraction is real, consider that it’s time to move on.

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Look Back On the Last Relationship: The breakup of most relationship is not one sided. Both had some role in the miscommunication, distance, lack of intimacy or whatever else caused the issue. Being able to admit responsibility allows you to change to prevent that in future relationships. If your ex wanted to rekindle the relationship how would you respond?  If your impulse is to take him/her back, you might not be ready to open yourself up to someone new.

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You Rarely Think of Him/her:  Do you find yourself continually talking about the relationship or your ex?  If conversations you have with friends and family typically leads to a story involving your ex, the situation is still in the forefront of your mind and you may need more time to talk through the hurt that the breakup has caused. As time passes, those thoughts will lessen until you rarely think of him. At that point, you know you’re over him and ready to move on.

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You don’t care if your ex is moving on: Another sign you are done with your ex and ready for a new relationship is, if you see your ex moving on and that really does not matter to you. Seeing him/her with another guy/girl is no longer painful to you. That might catch your attention, but you don’t want to go into detail or investigate further. You can wish him/her the best is the great sign that you’re moving on.

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The key to dating again after a breakup is to go at your own pace – emotionally and mentally.

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