Make Love, Not Porn

When we discover the word love, it brings pleasure and happiness. Our heart is a big fan of love! The feeling of love releases tons of chemicals in the brain that make you want to keep coming back for more and more. It reveals the inner voice of your soul. When I talk about porn, it also releases those same chemicals, but there is a huge difference between the two. In this blog, I tried to discover the reasons of making love over to porn.

The Love:

Love is a strong feelings and emotions that two people can share with each other. Love can be in different types. It has different meaning to different people and culture and it exists in various stages and on various levels. But one thing alike here is, you know when you feel love! For most of us love is a process. For sometimes this process takes place so quickly, but other times the process of experiencing this feeling of love take along. May be forever!

The ultimate benefits of love, a beautiful process of transforming two people into one soul seems to be endless. It’s a proven fact that individuals in satisfying relationships are happier, having less health issues, and live longer.

On the other side, so many people chasing after what they think love is from what they have seen in the movies, read in books, watched on TV and even viewing of pornography.

Here I would like to mention, I am not saying love cannot be wonderful with anxious kisses, sweaty hands, fireworks, because it surely can be. The point is, the porn should not be telling you how your love feels or what your love looks like. Love is a feeling of falling for someone and I believe it’s only you who should decide that!

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When we see porn, the counterfeit versions of love we trick our brain and we force ourselves to believe that we found something real. So the feeling of sex remains present in our brain only the other person is absent. When that happens our brain begins to build new pathways and feelings, so instead of seeking out relationships with people in the outer world, we go back to the counterfeit stuff that is the porn.

The Porn

We live in the modern world where internet is available at our fingertips at every moment. The pornography is very easy to find these days, there is an endless supply of it; it is easy to access and gives anonymity to users. But do you think it can deliver same warmness and can let you to feel fuzzy afterward? Big NO! Pornography can increase feelings of depression, social anxiety, lower satisfaction in relationships, and so much more. It is a fake relationship what we have created or build up with our computer screen.

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Now, when you have a choice to go out with your love, spend some time and have a warm sex or being alone with a video, think about choosing the real one. Share your feeling about the real meaning of making a love over to porn with us.